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Our Mission:
"Supporting individuals on their path to recovery."


Program Philosophy:
  • Individuals are encouraged to identify goals that will aid in their recovery and increase their ability for independent living, community integration, and psychiatric stability. CHS will provide services and programming that will support these goals.
  • A welcoming environment, a willingness to meet the individual where they are at on their recovery journey, and recognizing that each will recover at their own pace is critical in our ability to work successfully with each person.
  • By using a multidisciplinary team approach, services will be developed to meet the needs of each person and will assure quality and continuity in their care.
  • Clear communication that is consistent is essential when working with others--the individual, staff, and significant others--as is ongoing follow up to assure that everyone's understanding is the same.
  • Co-occurring substance abuse disorders are treated within the CPR program at CHS. In our Hannibal office, we offer the Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT) program, where groups and individual counseling are provided by certified staff.
  • A commitment to quality services by a professional staff to support the recovery of each individual at CHS.