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What is Healthcare Home?


Healthcare Home is an additional service offered through Community Mental Health Centers. It  is a place where individuals can came throughout their lifetimes to have their healthcare needs identified—and the medical, behavioral and related social services and supports they need—provided or arranged for in a way that recognizes all of their needs as persons, not just as patients.

Healthcare home takes a “whole person” approach by:

·         Providing health and wellness education and opportunities
·         Assuring consumers receive the preventive and primary care they need
·       Assuring consumers with chronic physical health conditions receive the medical care they need and assisting them in managing their chronic illnesses and accessing needed community and social supports
·         Facilitating general hospital admissions and discharges related to general medical conditions in addition to mental health issues
·     Providing or arranging appropriate education and supports for families related to consumers’ general medical and chronic physical health conditions
·        Providing individual and/or group education on: Diabetes, Coping, SkillsDiet/Nutrition, Smoking Cessation, Exercise, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Other topics specific to individuals

What Can Healthcare Home Do for Me?
Those who are also in a Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs can receive the following services:
· Reminders regarding appointments
· Assisting with setting up and/or providing transportation to the appointment
· Attend appointment with patient to facilitate communication at medical appointments
· Attend appointments to assist with understanding and follow through with recommendations from the physician (i.e. lab work, etc.)
· Provide medication education
· Provide assistance with filling medication planners
· Assist with monitoring medication compliance
· Substance abuse services
· Provide or link with individual counseling