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The Code of Conduct is one piece of the Comprehensive Health Systems Compliance Program that provides guidelines for employee conduct to ensure the integrity of the organization.  It affirms our commitment to follow all federal, state, and regulatory rules, as well as specifically identifying ethical behavior expected of those employed at CHS.  This document is part of the orientation of new employees, and all employees of Comprehensive Health Systems must sign the document attesting to their understanding of, and willingness to comply with, these standards.  Comprehensive Health Systems takes its responsibility to monitor for breaches of the Code of Conduct and the rest of the Compliance Program very seriously.  To this end, numerous systems are in place to ensure that these standards are followed including regular chart reviews, individual supervision of staff, satisfaction surveys by those who participate in and refer to our services, and billing audits.  In addition, there are yearly trainings that review our commitment to ethical behaviors and professional boundaries.